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8 Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Many businesses today are moving away from traditional accounting software and towards remotely hosted cloud accounting. In cloud accounting, users access the accounting software remotely through the Internet. Using cloud accounting software frees businesses from having to install and maintain software on individual desktop computers. It also allows employees in remote or branch offices to access the same data and the same version of the software.
So what are the main benefits of Cloud accounting and why should you consider it for your business?

1. Access your accounts in the cloud, anytime, anywhere
The office, home, at a meeting, the Golf course, you can access your accounts anywhere….all you need is an internet connection. Todays businesses and customers are always on the move and always connected. Access the real-time information you need from any location using any smart device. Are your sales or marketing teams on the road, meeting partners, vendors, or clients? Now, they can submit and approve invoices, communicate with you and more using Android and iOS apps.

2. Simple to use
A switch to cloud accounting can reduce manual data entry and other time-consuming admin – so you can get time back so to grow the business. Reducing the time you spend on paperwork means better efficiency.

3. Share information online easily
Cloud accounting means significantly increased accessibility to your businesses information. Share the information you need to share with your accountant, bookkeeper, bank, business partner – whoever, whenever.

4. Say goodbye to year-end historical data
With real-time dashboards, forecasting, automatic reports, and multi-dimensional capabilities, you can look at your business in new and insightful ways across team projects, business units, geographies, products, clients and more. With this increased access to up to the minute data your business will benefit from improved decision making.

5. Remove the need for manual and paper based systems
Get organised – free up space in your office. Ignite productivity by automating time-consuming admin and connecting your teams to the information they need in real time—no more costly delays correcting human error, waiting for information, or manually entering data.

6. Keep the tax man happy – worldwide!
100% HMRC compliant software and systems. Stay up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and legislation across multiple countries. Overcome international boundaries and stay competitive (and compliant) globally.

7. Stay safe and secure
Your files are backed up “in the cloud” = Peace of mind. The remote servers with your data on are hosted in an environment with the same security technology as a bank. Your data is protected by electronic security systems, like encrypted connections and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This makes it very difficult for hackers and viruses to get to your information, and allows you to update and share your data safely online.

This is where Sage Live comes in: the world’s first real-time accounting solution built on Salesforce.
Sage Live is fully cloud-based, so you get all of these immediate benefits to your business. With Sage Live you and your team are always connected to what’s happening across your business.

By unifying your data in one hub with Sage Live, you no longer have to deal with the time-waste of departmental blockades (such as outdated technology, red tape, collating reports from disconnected sources, or digging for customer information that’s nestled away in other departments or applications), all of which obstructs the flow of critical information.

You also avoid the risks of disk crashes, document loss, computer theft, and cumbersome legacy stacks that hamper agility and productivity. Sage Live is about making new sense of accounting.

To find out more about Sage Live and the difference it can make to your business call our expert consultants on 08456 525 625 or fill in the form here and we will get in touch.