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One of the best investments you can make to ensure your CRM project is a success is to have a clear plan. Before embarking on any project that involves business change an organisation needs to be clear about how the outcomes will help deliver strategic goals.

Xenogenix highly qualified CRM consultants will work with your business to fully scope out your comprehensive CRM strategy. This CRM strategy typically supports the growth and productivity strategic goals of an organisation. These goals will be achieved by delivering on a range of lower level objectives.

Growth goals might be dependent on:

– Customer growth in existing markets
– Customer growth in new markets
– Revenue growth from existing customers
– Revenue growth from new customers

Productivity goals could be dependent on:

– Marketing to lead efficiency
– Lead to order or sales efficiency
– Enquiry & service handling costs
– More accurate demand planning

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10 Steps to Success With On-Demand CRM

10 Steps to Success with On-Demand CRM

Compiled by our consultants and filled with useful tips and suggestions to get your On-Demand CRM system working more effectively.

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