Cascade transforms referrals with

Cascade Care operates eleven care homes in London and Essex. They provide high-end residential care for adults with a forensic history and mental health diagnosis, or persons with learning disabilities and a history of substance or alcohol abuse. They have a seventy percent rehabilitation success ratio.

When Xenogenix initially met with Cascade, their referral process was completely manual, an ineffectual paper-based system that was spread across all their homes. It was difficult to obtain an overview, track referral status and the stage clients were at in the process. Relevant paper work was often duplicated in multiple locations.
There was a problem with home employees understanding and adhering to referral processes that were in place. The generation of weekly status reports was difficult due to the dissemination of information.

In the first instance, Xenogenix took the time to learn all client referral procedures and the required end results. We recommended a standard installation. The platform was then customised to run the entire referral process.

Workflow and validation rules were introduced to automate key processes and save time. Custom reports and dashboards were created within the software for employees and homes allowing them to use common terminology to navigate client referrals.

We also developed a template to automate the mass emailing of the Homes’ vacancy bulletin and newsletters to a subscribed list of contacts.

Management and staff now have complete control and visibility of the referral pipeline, it’s much easier to manage.

A weekly referral tracker report is obtainable within “two clicks” to anyone requiring a real time update.

Vacancy bulletins and newsletters are sent out fortnightly and the system tracks who opened and acted upon the bulletins.

Easy adaptability of procedures within the system allows for alteration of processes and reports as new requirements arise.

Xenogenix provide ongoing system optimisation and new staff training. Support is available by phone and issues are dealt within the same day and if required, on site.

Client Testimonial:
“I was instantly impressed with Xenogenix’ depth of knowledge in our business sector. Our admissions tracking is now greatly improved, has not only enhanced our relationship management but also our internal communications.”
Martin Hall, Cascade Care