Cloud Technology Solutions

Company Overview:

Cloud Technology Solutions is one of Europe’s leading Google Enterprise Partners. They have helped over a million users across the globe to take advantage of Google Apps as a business solution. Their mission is to ensure all organisations have a smooth and secure transition from their current environment to Google’s highly reliable and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.


The requirement from the business was to have a solution that would quickly show what had been invoiced and what was left to be invoiced. Cloud technology Solutions also required won opportunities to be assigned to finance immediately and an invoice created and sent to the customer. The invoices need to be in 3 currencies USD, EUR and GBP.

An easy way to create credit notes from invoices and relate them to the Opportunity and Invoice.

As all the data was in Salesforce a easy solution would be required to export the data and to import it back into Sage Line 50 once a week.

We also needed to create visual alerts when the Tax had not been applied or the Invoice had been created but not sent out.


Create 4 new custom Objects

  • Invoices and invoice line items
  • 2 custom settings
  • Credit notes and credit note line items

Invoicing Solution

  • Create an APEX Class to get the data from the Opportunity to then use the data to create the Invoice and Invoice Line Item records
  • Custom setting created to map Opportunity data to the Invoice and Map Opportunity Product data to the Invoice Line Items. We used a custom setting so that we could add or remove field mapping as the business requirements changed.
  • Create an APEX Trigger that when the Opportunity is set to Closed Won it will launch the APEX Class to create the records.

Credit Note Solution

  • We created an custom Java button that would pass the Id of the the Invoice record and the selected Invoice Items to an APEX class.
  • The APEX class could then take the detail from the Java button and create a Credit Note and Credit Note Line Items.


  • Invoices are created for Finance and assigned to the team when a deal is won
  • Flags help the team identify what needs to happen and when
  • The process of sending out Invoices has been simplified and the process is now correctly administered
  • The use of Conga means that the Invoice/Credit Note PDF’s and emails are per defined and limited what the users needs to do speeding up the creating and sending of the PDF’s
  • Reminder have been built in to ensure that payments are chased
  • A report is used to show what needs to be uploaded to Sage Line 50 and also report on the total invoiced and what is outstanding over a period of time
  • A clear record of all invoices and Credit Notes for all Opportunities against each account