Fieldwork Education


Replacing Sugar CRM for

Company Overview:

Fieldwork Education are creates and providers of what is proving to be, the fastest-growing, independent primary curriculum in the world. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is now used by schools in over 90 countries where more than 250,000 children experience great learning. The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) represents the latest piece in our learning-focused support for schools.


Phase 1

  • Replace Sugar CRM
  • Ensure that the application works for all departments
  • Capture Data from website (Information Pack Requests)
  • Duplication Management
  • Manage Lead Qualification
  • Sales Process not well defined
  • Account Management
  • Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Phase 2

  • Renewal Management
  • TAX calculations
  • Automate Invoice Creation
  • Simplify Invoice Templates
  • Generate and Send Invoice PDF’s
  • Automate the Sending of Invoices that have been created in advance
  • Ensure Contracts and Invoices Match


  • Map End to End business process
  • Capture and review all department Requirements
  • Use Web-to-Lead to capture Info Pack Requests
  • Use APEX to check if the Lead unique Id already exists as ether a Lead or a Contact.
  • Renewal dates/opportunities are automated
  • Instalment dates and Amounts are worked out for users and used to produce Contracts and Invoices
  • Renew Opportunities and Invoices created for users
  • TAX calculations are done for users based on product and Account location
  • Record Credit Notes against Accounts and Invoices
  • Automate the reminders send for invoices that have already been sent.


  • Users no longer need to manually check for duplicates
  • All product interest for a Lead/Contact is recorded and dated
  • Better adoption has been achieved
  • Pipeline/Forecast has improved
  • Wasted time on admin has reduced (Checking and sending Invoices
  • System works for all departments and data integrity has improved
  • Invoices are being sent out faster than before
  • Reduced the number of unpaid invoices
  • Created a clear audit between Account, Order and Invoices
  • Reduced the time spent during financial audits