Orion Heritage

Orion Heritage unearth golden outcomes with Salesforce & Xenogenix

Archeological experts partner with Salesforce and process specialists, Xenogenix, to deliver end-to-end business integration.


Orion Heritage is a fast growing, dynamic archaeological and heritage company built on over 30 years collective experience. Working across the UK, Orion offer independent advice to the private sector aimed at resolving the often conflicting demands of conservation while achieving profitable and sustainable developments.


Orion Heritage engaged with Xenogenix in early 2017 to undertake a review of its business processes and understand how cloud based technologies could be used together to drive efficiency and effectiveness gains across the business.


Sales Cloud was subsequently implemented to deliver on Orion’s requirements along with a range of custom developments and integrations.

  • Salesforce enables business integration between core systems
  • Sales Cloud provides the ability to manage prospects, customers and other key stakeholders; simplification and consistency to the lead to opportunity and quote to cash processes; and a consolidated view of sales pipeline
  • Custom project management app manages post sale service delivery process
  • Integration with cloud accounting system Xero using Breadwinner
  • Integration with Dropbox for document management
  • Ability to effectively market to and nurture prospects and customers using MailChimp integration with ChimpSync
  • Minimises the reliance of non-scalable spreadsheets
  • Surfaces information locked in employees heads or Outlook inboxes
  • Surfaces key business information into actionable Reports and Dashboards for real-time insight and better decision making
  • Supports effective activity management and drives accountability
  • Improves internal collaboration given geographically dispersed workforce
  • A mobile compatible and easy to use solution


The outcomes have been widespread user adoption and increased business results

  • Significant efficiency and effectiveness gains in the Lead to Opportunity and Quote to Cash processes
  • End-to-end integration between core business systems with Salesforce at the hub
  • Elimination of organisational silos
  • Clearly defined processes which Salesforce technologies enable
  • Visibility into fee earners activity and capacity
  • Enhanced decision making capability from real time insight and performance reporting
  • Decreased exposure to business risk
  • Configuration which guides and encourages consistency and best practice ways of working


“Using Salesforce out-of-the-box wouldn’t have worked for Orion, it really needed to be configured in line with our business processes. Xenogenix’s process led approach is a pretty illuminating and challenging process in my experience but well worth it.  The consultant who did such a good job for us, James Hendy, devised a custom CRM and project management operating system which also integrates with Xero, our accounting system. The system has enabled us to manage the complex processes of nurturing new potential clients, through to securing and delivering new projects effectively and profitably.  It also has allowed us to more effectively mange the team’s workloads and the distribution of project work across the team who are spread out in 3 regional offices, thereby ensuring that client deadlines are met and client’s expectations are managed more objectively.”

“James was easy to work with and has provided great guidance all the way through the design and implementation stages as well as post go-live support and subsequent change requests. I would highly recommend Xenogenix and James to anyone looking to implement a CRM system. ”

Rob Bourn, Managing Director @ Orion Heritage