Shared Access – Mobile Telecoms Site Management


Company Overview:

Shared Access are an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure, leasing space on their sites to different Mobile Network Operators. Their investment strategies include the development and build of both conventional shared towers and floodlight schemes with integrated antenna systems. Additionally, Shared Access offer landlords with existing Mobile Network Operators on their land an opportunity to turn their rental income into a nonrefundable upfront cash lump sum, thus removing the risk that this income could be lost or reduced.


Shared Access were using a combination of platforms to manage customer information –Asana, Sharepoint, Access and Excel. The desire was to retire Asana and Access and use Salesforce for all CRM information, with SharePoint being used as the document storage solution.

Get the basic Opportunity Management working fast

Migrate existing site data (>20k sites) into Salesforce

Automate the creation of milestone Tasks

Replicate existing Reports as closely as possible

Be able to report weekly, monthly and year to date performance against business targets

Shared Access also had a bespoke web based application for Contractors to book site visits. This application was considered no longer fit for purpose and difficult to maintain


For the initial project, Xenogenix implemented a SmartStart rapid deployment project, including Business Process mapping and redesign, configuration, data migration, testing and training. Implementation was completed within 3 weeks.

Following go live, the Xenogenix Developer on Demand Service was deployed to provide ongoing support and make minor modification to the set up, answer user questions etc.

For the second project, to replace the site booking application, Xenogenix built a custom Site Booking App using a combination of Visualforce and Apex Code. The Site Booking App is made available to external Contractors using a Customer Community. This allows Contractors to manage their list of Workers and raise Site Access Requests (Cases) as well as track the approval status of existing requests. This has now been extended to cover the management of regular Climb Down inspections carried out by contractors.


Four legacy technologies have been replaced by a single platform, saving time and eliminating errors.

Reports are now available a the click of a button where they used to take hours to prepare

The whole lifecycle of a Site can now be tracked in Salesforce, from initial statement of interest, through the build phase and into the operational and maintenance cycles.

Climb Down Reports can be generated as PDF documents for each site with a couple of clicks, saving considerable time each month.