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Simplify the order and fulfilment of both goods and services. Get flexible pricing structure, views into upsell opportunities, available inventory, and margin at a line level. Enforce spend policies, source and manage suppliers, easily identify new ways to save time and money.

Improved Days Sales Outstanding
Improved close times
CLICK Reporting in seconds

Why consider the FinancialForce Supply Chain Management module?

  • You need real-time inventory visibility across the entire business

  • You need tighter controls over your procurement process

  • You want to reduce duplication of data entry within the procurement process

Inventory management 5 levels deep

INVENTORY: Flexible solution that supports both physical or virtual inventory and goes five levels deep. See across different physical locations and companies

  • View inventory levels across multiple places in multiple currencies in actual cost
  • Stock items at the bin level
  • Integrate cycle counting into daily inventory activities
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Know what’s coming and going
It’s stock to dock and dock to stock in one app. FinancialForce Action Queues gives you upstream visibility of the work ahead.  With this inventory management functionality, you always have what you need.

Transfers in a flash
Easily mass transfer goods from warehouse to warehouse or location to location — with or without shipment and receipt processes.

Controlling the lot
Establish serial number and lot control as you define an item. You’ll get visibility of actual margins and keep profits flowing.

Item counts you can count on

ITEM MANAGEMENT: Tangible or intangible items, our order and inventory management app gives you the controls and power to keep inventory organized and stock replenished.

  • Manage multiple conditions (new, used, etc.) under a single SKU
  • Manage inventory by customer, supplier, or project
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