Act Now: Transition from Process Builder to Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce is phasing out support for Process Builder by December 31, 2025. This means no more support or bug fixes, and the inability to create or edit processes using Process Builder. It’s essential to migrate your automations to Flow—the newer, more powerful way to automate workflows in Salesforce.

Why Act Quickly?

No more bug fixes or updates

Unable to create or modify processes in future

Potential higher costs for emergency fixes and rushed migrations

Potential disruptions in business operations

Missing out on new features and efficiencies

Limited ability to handle growing business needs

Why the Urgency?

Software Issues

Once support ends, you won’t receive bug fixes or assistance for any issues that arise, leaving your processes vulnerable

System Inefficiencies

Legacy automations can slow down system performance, increasing maintenance headaches.

Non-compliance with Best Practices

Continuing with an unsupported tool means your software won’t follow Salesforce best practices, hindering future implementations.

Missed Opportunities

Without the ability to create or modify processes in Process Builder, your system will lack the agility to adapt and evolve with your business needs.

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