Introducing the Summer Release 23 for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) – Discover the Top New Features! 

Its almost the time for another Salesforce release and it’s an exciting time in the Account Engagement world as we look at the new features that are going to be available to us. So what do the new features look like and how will they help us marketeers get more from Pardot?  

Trigger an External Action After a Prospect Engagement 

External actions have been around for a little while now, this feature enables you to take actions in other tools in your marketing tech stack such as registering prospects for webinars which are run on an external platform. In Summer 23, this feature is developed further as you will now be able to trigger these external actions from completion actions on your assets. In the past if someone filled in a form to register for a webinar this would need to be added to a list and sent through engagement studio to trigger the action – it can now be done directly from the form, saving time and effort.  

Convert Unused Dynamic Lists to Static Lists 

Multiple historical dynamic lists may be running in your Account Engagement org which could be using up processing power. You can now convert old and unused dynamic lists to static lists, so you keep the data without using up that valuable processing power. The great news is you can do this on mass, by filtering your lists by unused dynamic lists and mass selecting the ones you want to convert – a quick job which can make a difference!   

Get First-Touch Attribution When Visitors Consent to Tracking 

In a new compliance and data protection feature, tracking cookies are now added retroactively after a prospect confirms consent. Previously, tracking cookies were added before a prospect clicked the consent banner and then deleted if they didn’t consent. So no cookies are added unless consent has been given.  

Monitor Prospect Changes  

Another feature which will help in the useage of processing power is the ability to use the optimizer to identify which features are making the most changes to your prospects and where the processing power is mostly being used. As we can see in the image below our dynamic lists are using up a lot of processing power so using this in conjunction with converting our unused dynamic list to static we can increase the health of our org.  

There is just a quick overview of the ones we are most excited about. There are quite a few additional features in the new release we haven’t covered which you can find here.