Our favourite features from Salesforce Winter ’19

The latest Salesforce release, winter 19, is just round the corner. As always there are loads of great new features, so we asked one of our consultants, Danny Ross, to chose his favourite features. Here’s what Danny picked out:

Change Owner
Before, if I wanted to change a record owner, I would need to do them one by one, or go to Classic to do more than one record. Well now Salesforce have released the feature where this doesn’t have to happen now, going between Classic and Lightning, and now a user can change the owner of a Lead, Contact, Accounts or custom objects in one go. To make this work you simply select up to 200 records, then click Change Owner in the page-level action menu.

Change Owner button in more actions drop-down in page-level actions menu

Joined Reports available in Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce have now built in Joined reports into Lightning, now users can take advantage of Lightning Experience’s productivity-improving features like report run page filtering. Edit joined filters, groups (including cross-block groups), and columns with the Lightning report builder.

Editing a joined report (beta)
User Feedback when switching back to Classic
Some users are happy with their adoption to Salesforce lightning, but there are those who keep switching back to Classic. Now you can gain feedback from your users when they switch back to Classic, a form will appear and ask users for feedback. This feedback question can be edited, so you can gain specific answers to why users are flicking back to Classic.
Feedback form
Convert Actions and Buttons from Classic to Lightning
Is your company looking to move from Classic to Lightning, and you have a large amount of buttons and actions that you are dreading moving to Lightning. Well, Salesforce have made our lives a little easier with Lightning Experience Configuration Convertor. The latest Lightning Experience Configuration Converter feature does just that in a simple, easy to understand wizard. Select the objects and page layouts to work on, and Salesforce does the heavy moving. Easily move custom, standard, and global actions from the Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher section of a page layout to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section. Also included the right mobile actions and move custom and standard buttons along the way.
How impactful has your email been? Has your email been opened?
You could only find this out if you had an email service provider that can provide this information, but now Salesforce has enabled users to see if their emails have been viewed, when it was viewed, and when was it lasted view by the end user.
Email tracking information
Email bounce backs
As a sales person, you may have prospects to reach out to with information about your product or service. Previously, it has never been clear if an email has bounced back due to an incorrect email address. Now with Salesforce, reps know which lead, contact, or person account has a bad email address, and they know which specific email wasn’t delivered.
Email bounce information