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Pardot Training

A comprehensive and flexible range of Pardot training services

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Professional Pardot Training

Our Pardot training services are designed to help you drive adoption and ensure your business gets the most value and benefit from your investment in Pardot. Our clients like the way our Pardot training services can be entirely customised to their particular requirements, roles and system configuration. Therefore, you will only be trained on what you need to know which makes your Pardot training sessions both cost effective and productive.

Trusted, Experienced Pardot  Partner

With many successful Pardot projects delivered, we’ll help you make the right decisions first time, mitigate risk and maximise your investment in Pardot.

Clients who trust us

Ranging from small start-up businesses to multinational organisations, we ensure to provide them with timely, high quality work and they return to us because we’re reliable, experienced and easy to work with.

“Xenogenix immediately got to grips with the business, what different people did and took the time to understand what their needs are.”

Specialist Experiential Marketing Agency

Professional Pardot  Training Services

We can provide you with professional, cost effective Pardot training services that will help your business achieve its marketing objectives:

Increase your ROI

Our team can step into your marketing department to run email campaigns, set up drip campaigns and integrate your Pardot with other relevant tools. All with the focus of improving the ROI of your marketing spend.

Improve Lead Quality

We can work with you to maximise the lead quality using Pardot tools. Ensure your leads are being captured correctly in Pardot and Salesforce, deliver more personalised campaigns and pass on the best quality leads to sales using lead scoring and grading.

Save Marketing Hours

Free up the time of your marketing staff, we can take on some of the time consuming tasks. We can do many of the day to day tasks required such as designing emails and landing pages, creating lists and implementing the correct automation tools tailored to your goals.

Implementation & Optimisation

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and the adoption of Pardot within your business we provide the experience and know-how to ensure your marketing automation tool is set up and your staff are properly trained.

Contact us for a free audit of your Pardot Set Up

Our team of marketing experts and Pardot Consultants will undertake a free review of your account that investigates how Pardot is currently set up, what features are underutilised and provide suggestions for improvements. To set up your free review or talk to one of our experts please fill in the form or call us on 08456 525 625. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and explain how we can help your business achieve its marketing goals.

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