Run Your WHOLE Business on Salesforce

With the yearly Salesforce releases and the thousands of apps available on the Salesforce Appexchange its now entirely possible to run every single business process on the Salesforce platform. If you have a business need, there is probably an app for it! But why do businesses choose to move all of their processes onto Salesforce and what are the benefits they find?

At Xenogenix we have been a Salesforce partner since 2007 and work with our customers to move as many processes as they can onto Salesforce. We’ve seen it from many angles so here’s what we think:

Why do businesses move their processes onto Salesforce?

  • Departments are working in their own silos, meaning critical information is not being received by individuals that really need it. Critical information is lost in the gaps between systems.
  • Sales are receiving loads of unqualified leads from marketing, and valuable leads are being lost as there isn’t the time or will to follow up on them all.
  • Hours of time are wasted, every single day, by manual processes – leaving businesses exposed to costly mistakes. Not to mention spreadsheets being used to hold customer data!

What are the benefits of moving business processes onto Salesforce?

  • With a shared view of your customers, all your teams can better meet customers’ demands.
    • So sales close quicker
    • Marketing hits the mark
    • Service comes with more smiles.
    • Customer loyalty drives business growth
  • Only one system to maintain for your business, cutting costs and effort
  • With front and back office connected, business can achieve up to 40% cut in costs
  • Happier staff, with less errors, less wasted time, more job satisfaction and the ability to work from anywhere

There are so many reasons businesses can benefit from moving their processes onto Salesforce, we can’t cover them in this post! We’ve got more detail in our whitepaper which we will email to you when you fill in your email address: