Business process and performance improvement for your WHOLE organisation, on a single world leading cloud platform.
We improve the way people, processes, and systems work together so that our customers can succeed in a digital world.

Optimize key touchpoints for a seamless end-to-end user experience.

From proposals and quotes to contracts and renewals—and everything in between—automatically create documents with a single click using Conga Composer. Send accurate, consistent communications directly populated with your data to elevate your brand and delight your customers.

Quickly secure the electronic signatures you need with Conga Sign. Whether you’re sending out NDAs during the proposal process, closing in on contract negotiations, fulfilling product and service obligations, or renewing future agreements know you have compliance and security in place to instantly get the signatures you need.

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What Conga Composer & Sign can do for you…

Document Generation

Streamline the document creation process using personalised templates. Boost business cycles and increase responsiveness to customers while reducing manual work—all within Salesforce.

Document Accuracy

Get the correct data into the right template. Merge data directly from Salesforce, or other external sources, into your documents to eliminate copy-and-paste errors.

Document Presentation

Control the consistency of your brand while maintaining your corporate messaging. Make it easy to ensure that everyone is sending professional documents.

Document Delivery

Get documents into the right hands. Send directly to your contacts via email and save to a single source to maintain access to the most up-to-date versions.

Document Signature

Sign documents quickly and securely, save money, and reduces risk—all while creating an easy, efficient experience for your customers and employees all initiated from Salesforce.

Approval Times

Speed up approvals and reduce the time to yes from days to minutes.

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