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In today’s world companies are dealing with larger and more complex projects, having the right tools to manage these projects is essential. Being able to visualise projects from beginning to end and provide your project managers with real-time data simplifies the process and improves customer satisfaction. Combining CRM and project management onto one platform can have a multitude of benefits with all of the resources, finances, people and customers that are involved with your project – all in one place, giving a full view of your customer.


Professional Services Automation

A complete, customer-centric view of your business on the world’s #1 cloud platform from Salesforce.

CRM transformed how companies do business. But CRM is only part of the picture. When all your apps are built on the #1 customer success platform, your teams are more nimble, your services are better, and you remove the cost of synchronizing transactions.

With Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PSA on the same platform, opportunities instantly translate into service engagements. You get a full and complete insight to project financial health and powerful revenue and utilisation forecasting. Empower sales teams with real-time insights about project statuses, resource availability, and more. Connect sales and services, and everybody wins.

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Project Management

Simplify and Automate Project Planning with Cloud Coach.

Streamline execution and complex processes. Allow your project management office and project managers to focus on successful project execution – not juggling different software for planning, execution, time tracking, communication and reporting. With one integrated system that works within your existing Salesforce CRM solution, you can collaborate and execute on projects while giving your executive team the visibility they need into team and project performance.

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Benefits of Project Management on Salesforce

Cohesive and enriching customer experiences

With an integrated project management and CRM solution, you’ll be able to better serve customers and give those working to resolve their problems an in-depth look into their journey and specific concerns.

Consolidation of processes

When employees can perform multiple tasks all in one place, less time is wasted switching programs. Additionally, having both CRM and project management on the same platform means less time and energy spent on getting employees acquainted with multiple systems.

Easier post-sale task management

A combined CRM and project management solution makes the transition from prospect to paying client seamless. A project management system built on a CRM platform allows teams to easily understand tasks and projects that relate to cultivating the customer relationship.

Cross-department alignment

It’s much easier to align multiple departments around a customer’s needs if they have a clear picture of what those needs are. That’s what you get with a CRM project management solution. The result is greater clarity and focus on the customer needs.

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