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Martin Hall

Cascade Care

I was instantly impressed with Xenogenix’ depth of knowledge in our business sector. Our admissions tracking is now greatly improved, has not only enhanced our relationship management but also our internal communications.

Rob Bourn


Using Salesforce out-of-the-box wouldn’t have worked for Orion, it really needed to be configured in line with our business processes. Xenogenix’s process led approach is a pretty illuminating and challenging process in my experience but well worth it. James was easy to work with and has provided great guidance all the way through the design and implementation stages as well as post go-live support and subsequent change requests. I would highly recommend Xenogenix and James to anyone looking to implement a CRM system

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John Smith


Xenogenix, and in particular our consultant Paul McVitty, were excellent at all stages in this project – smart, responsive, professional, knowledgeable and practical. Their guidance and advice throughout our implementation allowed us to rapidly develop our Salesforce installation in a way to suit our particular business needs. We were astonished about how quickly we were able to progress from an initial scoping meeting to a fully functioning system, bespoked to suit our existing processes. A very smooth experience and thank you.

Healthnet Connections

Marketing Manager

Healthnet Connections

Mark and Mike went above and beyond to get our Salesforce system up and running very quickly. Training was tailored specifically to us and they had good background knowledge of our customers too. Everyone at HNC is now a customer expert!.

Salesforce consultancy

Experienced Professional Salesforce Consultancy

You have a vision for you business and you know how you are going to get there, after all you’re the experts in your industry. However there is one obstacle in your way, your existing CRM infrastructure isn’t quite up to the task.

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Why Choose Xenogenix?

Personalised Approach

As experienced Salesforce Consultants, we specialise in crafting solutions specifically tailored to your business requirements. By understanding your unique challenges and goals, we deliver customised implementations that address your pain points directly. This personalised approach not only improves system adoption but also enhances overall satisfaction, ensuring that you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

Automation Experts

Our expertise as a Salesforce implementation consultants ensures optimised automation, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort. By leveraging our knowledge, you’ll experience increased productivity and streamlined operations, enabling you to focus on core business objectives while we handle the technical intricacies.

Seamless Scalability

Our expertise as a Salesforce Consultants empowers your business to scale effortlessly as it grows. By architecting flexible and scalable solutions, we future-proof your Salesforce environment, eliminating the need for costly overhauls down the line. With our guidance, you can confidently expand your operations, knowing that your Salesforce platform will adapt and grow alongside your business, ensuring long-term success and minimising disruptions.

Increased ROI (Return on Investment)

Our personalized approach, automation expertise, and focus on seamless scalability all contribute to one key benefit for you: increased ROI (Return on Investment) on your Salesforce implementation.

By tailoring solutions to your specific needs, automating processes, and building a future-proof platform, we ensure you’re maximizing the value you get from Salesforce. You’ll see a tangible return on your investment through improved efficiency, cost savings, and better alignment with your overall business goals.

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