Top 6 Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce

There are now hundreds of different Google Chrome extensions which can be used to make your life easier when using Salesforce. Many of these extensions can save you time and increase your productivity so try a few out today. Here are some of our favourites as suggested by our team of consultants:

API Names
This small extension allows you to toggle between API field names and labels on your Salesforce details pages. Making finding out your API fields names as simple as the touch of a button.


Enhanced Formula Editor
This extension adds colour coding to your rich text editor and makes formulae building easier to digest. The great thing is it helps you to identify when/where errors are when constructing formulas.


Sandbox Favicon Extension
So you always know if you are working in sandbox or production. This extension adds an “S” to the standard cloud favicon for all sandbox tabs in a Chrome window.


Salesforce Hotkeys
This great little feature adds keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to your Salesforce record pages. For Example – CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!
This extension provides 2 types of hotkeys:
★ Hotkeys with CTRL, ALT and SHIFT buttons
★ GMail like combo keys

Salesforce1 Simulator
Launch Salesforce1 in a mobile simulator so you can demonstrate what pages look like on an iphone or ipad.

Change Set Helper
This extension can improve the usability of Salesforce change sets. When you deploy a change set it can be quite hard to see what you need to add in and this shows you the date you last modified and lets you compare a sandbox to production.
Change set with sort, view all, and additional information, such as last modified date. Allows comparison with other orgs.


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