Salesforce Lightning FAQ

We often get asked questions about Salesforce Lightning, here are our answers to the top ones:

Q: What is Lightning Experience?
A: Lightning Experience is the name for the all new Salesforce desktop app, with new features, built with a modern user interface and optimised for speed.

Q: What is Salesforce Classic?
A: Salesforce Classic is the name for the original Salesforce UI and app design. Once Lightning Experience is enabled, you can toggle between the Salesforce Classic UI and the Lightning Experience UI.

Q: How much does Lightning Experience cost?
A: The Lightning Experience will be available to existing and new customers at no additional cost.

Q: Does Lightning Experience have to be rolled out to the entire org?
A: No. Admins first enable Lightning Experience for the entire org, and then they can choose to roll it out to only certain users by using profiles or permission sets.

Q: Can I still use Salesforce Classic?
A: You have the choice of when you want to move to the new Lightning Experience UI and which users you want to migrate. You can continue to use Salesforce Classic as long as you like, and we will continue to support the Classic UI.

Q: What is the experience switching between the Salesforce Classic UI and the Lightning Experience UI?
A: Users for whom Lightning Experience is enabled will be able to use the Switcher feature, located in the upper-right side of all pages, to toggle between the user experiences to access pages as necessary. The attributes (like field order and field-level security) will be the same in the two UIs. Please note that switching UIs also affects URL routing.
When Lightning Experience is selected, clicking bookmarks and email notifications will take you to the Lightning version of the pages, where possible. When Salesforce Classic is selected, clicking those same links will take you to the Classic UI version of the page. Also if a Lightning Experience user sends a link (Chatter post or email) to a Salesforce Classic-only user, the page will not be found. Salesforce Classic links are interpreted for routing to the Lightning Experience UI, but not the other way around.

Q: How does Lightning Experience work with Salesforce1 mobile?
A: Salesforce1 is already built on the Lightning Platform. As a matter of fact, the S1 mobile experience inspired many pages and experiences in the new Lightning Experience.

Q: Are custom objects supported in Lightning Experience?
A: Yes. The use of existing custom objects and creation of new custom objects both are supported.

Q: Is the Setup page different in Lightning Experience?
A: The Setup pages have a new look and feel but the functionality will be the same

Q: Do the reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience use Wave Analytics?
A: Lightning reports and dashboards use Wave Analytics charting to give them a new, modern look and feel. However, the reports and dashboards do not leverage the Wave reporting engine. The query engine has not changed.