Salesforce Spring ’18 Feature Update


It’s nearly Spring and Salesforce Spring ’18 release is being rolled out to all organisations. At Xenogenix we have been using and testing the new features for a while now and have noted a few additional features we feel are worth noting!  

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Prioritize your way to more business with Opportunity scoring. Opportunity scores are based on the record details, history, and related activities of the opportunity and related account. Information about the opportunity’s owner, such as yearly win rates, is also used to calculate the score.

Opportunity Scoring in Lightning:

Opportunity scoring in Classic:

Pardot Campaigns Connection 

This is a great feature for Pardot users. You can now have a much better connection between your Salesforce and Pardot campaigns. Your marketing department can use the features of both Pardot and Salesforce with a single set of campaign records. When campaigns are connected, marketers can track campaign influence and view engagement history all on the same record in Salesforce. Marketing users can then work with their Pardot data right in Salesforce. Then, whether users work with Salesforce or Pardot features, they use the Salesforce campaign record.


Personalised Navigation in Lightning Experience

With Spring ’18 you can now personalise an app’s navigation bar to supercharge your productivity and suit the unique way you work. This new feature in Lightning Experience means you can reorder items, and rename or remove items that you’ve added.

Personalised navigation in Lightning Experience is similar to customised tab sets in Salesforce Classic but better. In Lightning Experience, the navigation bar can contain more than just object-level items, like Accounts. You can add granular items, like a dashboard, list, or record.


See More Relevant Objects First in Top Results

Top Results lists the most relevant results for your most frequently used objects. The improved ordering of objects means less scrolling and clicking around to the object you want and more getting work done. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

In Top Results, objects are ranked according to the following factors.

Frequency—Prioritises objects that you use most often.

Search term—Prioritises objects that are commonly associated with a search term. For example, a person’s name is more commonly associated with contact or user objects.


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