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Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

Our Productivity Enhancing Picks
for your Sales Team

The latest Salesforce release (Spring ’17) is on the horizon. This release is going to contain many Lightning Experience usability enhancements. Users will be pleasantly surprised and companies on classic will be starting to take another look at their Lightning readiness.

We have been through the release notes and wanted to focus on user experience and sales productivity within Lightning Experience so here are our favourite enhancements:

Opportunity Products Go Classic

Products have been given a much-needed upgrade. You will now be able to multi-select products, so your sales team must no longer add products one by one in the Lightning UI.

This feature mimics the older Multi-Line layout of Classic and gives you a basic CPQ feel at no added premium. This new upgrade will speed up the time it takes representatives to add products to opportunities.

Sales representatives will be able to:
– Add up to 50 products to opportunities at once,
– Edit 200 product simultaneously,
– Perform multiple product searches without losing previous selections,
– Select multiple products to add to an opportunity, and remove selected products,
– Return to add more products without losing changes they’ve made to line item details.

Quotes get a new face and a major overhaul

This feature set has been on our wish list for a while! In fact, one of my clients asked me how to access the quotes tab only yesterday! The Spring ’17 release makes it possible to view quotes in their very own object and in the much-loved Kanban view that Lightning brings to Salesforce.

Here is a look at what’s changing:
– Show your teams’ quotes side by side for easy comparison and access
– Get the big picture with Kanban. *(Unique to Lightning Experience.)
– View and manage quote line items and quote PDFs
– Create quote PDFs, email quotes, and manage quote syncing.
– Manage email, events, logged calls, and tasks in the activity timeline *(Unique to Lightning Experience.)
– Use Chatter to collaborate during the quote management process. Share information, updates, and documents, and monitor status and key field changes on quote records. To monitor quote and quote product fields via Chatter, enable feed tracking for the fields that you want to track.
– Add Path (setup required) to track quotes throughout your sales process *(Unique to Lightning Experience.)

Collaborative Forecasts

Forecasting allows sales users and their sales managers to more accurately forecast and understand their pipeline. For companies who rely heavily on the Salesforce forecasting object, you can now access this in Lightning without moving away from the new UI.

Sales Management will be able to show reps how sales numbers measure up in a given period by helping teams project sales revenue and quantities from the opportunity pipeline, including opportunity splits and custom opportunity currency fields.

These are our top Sales features coming in the Spring17’ release, watch out for further information on our favourite features across the release and different roles!

Salesforce rely on their customers to feedback to them the features and updates they would like to see in future. If you have an idea you’d love to see get onto the Salesforce Idea Exchange and share your feedback!

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