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Having a full time or dedicated Salesforce system administrator will be cost prohibitive for many SME’s. Many also lack sufficient technical resources to properly maintain the system and ensure the business keeps pace and benefits from the hundreds of new features and enhancements Salesforce make available with each Spring, Summer and Winter release.

Smart Admin Service Benefits

If you lack the technical expertise but want to ensure you continue to maximise your investment in Salesforce and take advantage of new functionality that could be of real benefit to your business. If you simply want the peace of mind, knowing you have someone to turn to for any Salesforce related support or administration requirements then our Smart Admin Service can provide you with the experience and timely help, you need, whenever you need it.

With our Salesforce Smart Admin Service, you can focus on driving business growth and delivering excellent customer service and entrust your Salesforce administration and support needs to our highly qualified experts.

Smart Admin Service Process

Following an initial discovery call to allow us to become familiar with your system and document its configuration you’ll have access to our team of experienced Salesforce Administrators and Consultants to meet all your Salesforce administration and support needs.

The service covers a wide range of admin, for example:.

  • Reviewing proposed configuration changes
  • Review available options
  • Solving Salesforce configuration or security issues
  • Performing health checks, data imports and user administration
  • creating custom reports and dashboards, updating workflow, assignment and validation rules

The service is available on a pay as you go basis at a fixed hourly rate. Discounts are available for pre-paid blocks of hours or monthly retainer agreements.

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