5 Reasons Why Salesforce is Right for Your Small Business

With so many CRM’s out there how do you know which one is right for your business? Businesses have been using Salesforce’s innovative CRM and techniques to streamline operations since the 90’s and Salesforce have established themselves as a market leader. 

So, before we get into the details, let’s talk about numbers. In a recent report by Salesforce companies that made the switch reported: 

  • An overall 25% increase in revenue and ROI  
  • A 35% increase in customer satisfaction 
  • A 34% increase in productivity 

Still with us? Ok, let’s get into what really makes Salesforce the best choice of CRM for your small business. 

Reason 1 – You Can Start as Small as You Like 

With Salesforce you’ll only need to buy the licences that your business needs. If you only need two licences that’s all you’ll need to purchase, and you can add licenses as your business grows. Whether you have two or two hundred licences with Salesforce you have a complete system at your disposal.  

Reason 2 – Get Up and Running in No Time  

We know how important minimising downtime is when it comes to changing internal systems. No business wants to be offline for weeks to change to a new CRM.  One of the benefits of Salesforce is that is possible to use it straight out of the box with a full implementation (which can be completed alongside your current processes) taking just days. Not just that, but its slick and modern user interface is straightforward to navigate and will quickly become familiar to users.

Plus with Xenogenix SmartStart Packages, we enable budget-conscious small businesses to start realising the benefits of Salesforce as quickly as possible. 

Reason 3 – A System That Grows as Your Business Does  

With Salesforce you’ll never need another CRM, as your team grows you can add more users and additional functionality integrating all your business functions from Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Operations to Finance and HR all on one platform. One of the goals of any of small businesses is growth, which is why you need a CRM that can grow with you and adapt to your changing needs. With Salesforce  you can automate business tasks, add almost limitless functionality with Salesforce native third-party apps, and even build your own custom apps with simple point-and-click tools. 

Reason 4 – Lose the Spreadsheets 

Do you feel like your companies’ data is scattered across personal hard drives and spreadsheets? Is the security of your data and your ability to access it giving you concern? With Salesforce everything is stored in the cloud meaning that it’s fully secure and you can access all your figures in real time.  Humans tend to make mistakes and the probability of one person making a crucial mistake exists no matter how much training they undergo.  Salesforce now strictly enforces Multi-Factor Authentication and requires users to confirm their identity with an authentication app on a mobile phone or a security key. 

Reason 5 – Save Man Hours with Automation 

Automating Salesforce processes not only ensures the speeding up of repetitive tasks, but it also guarantees more reliable information by eliminating manual data entry, increasing accuracy organization-wide. With Salesforces intuitive drag and drop workflow builder you can automate tasks for almost any sales, support, marketing processes. 

With automation you will see:

– Improved Sales Cycle 

Salesforce’s sales scheduling and forecasting feature can improve your sales cycle by improving the accuracy of your forecast and predicting sales results by months and quarters. It can help you find out what leads to buying your products and create a marketing strategy based on your prospects’ needs. 

– Improved Customer Engagement 

The Salesforce app offers a robust customer engagement solution that can boost your customer service and enable your employees to give real-time customer service. 

– Improved Communication 

It allows you to send reminders, close deals, answer questions and collect customer feedback in a matter of minutes. All these tasks can help you enhance the customer experience and build better customer relationships. 

 – Streamlined Operations 

You can eliminate paper and automate many processes in your company. You can better manage your workflow and collect data more easily. 

So, if you have got this far and are looking for a summary on how will Salesforce improve my business? this section is for you. With Salesforce you can: 

  • Create quotes quickly and easily, sending them out from Salesforce and getting them electronically signed 
  • Accurately generate invoices from the data held in Salesforce reducing human error 
  • Create approval processes for all parts of your business 
  • Provide automated notifications on key business events including new leads, closed business, invoices sent etc and the ability to set follow up tasks where necessary 
  • Automate workflows to speed up data entry with guided flows to ensure the right data is input every time 
  • Easily create custom reports and dashboards on any of your data 
  • Manage all of information in a single place in real time 
  • Empower you to make important business decisions with all the information you need immediately available. 

Salesforce can help your small business grow from the ground up. Salesforce’s ecosystem extends beyond basic CRM services, making it a perfect choice for small businesses looking to build systems that can support multiple departments. If you would like to find out more contact us today.