App of the Month – Survey Force

For November our consultants have nominated SURVEY FORCE as our app of the month.

Survey Force is a free app developed by the Salesforce LABs team to bring your survey responses directly into your CRM. The tool uses native Salesforce functionality to allow you to Survey both your CRM contacts and Internal Users.

Do you have a Quarterly survey to gather feedback directly from your employees? or Do you need to send Customers a survey when you close out support tickets? No Problem, Survey force gives you a free way to send those surveys and gather the data directly back to your CRM for reporting.

Survey Force means you can:

  • Easily Create and Order Questions via Drag and Drop
  • Distribute Surveys Via Email and Sites
  • Capture Results from Contacts and/or Cases, use Reports and Dashboards to Analyse
  • Automate surveys to customers and users with workflow based on actions within the platform (ie. Closed support ticket..Survey sends immediately without user interaction)
  • Users can take Anonymous surveys for more sensitive feedback collection

The survey designer is easy to use and understand but the really great aspect is that the survey page provides you with the backend wireframe to make sure your data goes to the right place without the need for heavy coding.

To customise the look and feel of the page itself you can very easily add standard HTML/CSS tags to make it look as you desire.

We like this app because it offers you the flexibility you need, the performance and functionality without the need to invest in a 3rd party. The application 100% native on the platform.

If you are looking for a way of creating surveys quickly and for free, this is the app for you!

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