Best Practice for migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Best Practice for migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Preview your Org in Lightning:
See your current Salesforce org in Lightning Experience without having to enable the new interface…The Migration Assistant’s Preview feature lets you explore your production org in Lightning Experience, so you can see exactly how your real data and your current customisations work in the new interface.

Have a Plan:
One of the best investments you can make in your Lightning Experience rollout is to have a clear plan. A plan helps you do things in the right order, identify key resources, communicate with everyone, and have a clear end date in mind.

Set up your Features:
If you haven’t already, consider enabling and setting up several supporting features before turning on Lightning Experience. These features ensure that the new user interface is optimised to help your sales reps sell faster and smarter. Recommend features that might be useful to you could be related files, duplicate management, shared activities and my domain.

Set up your Users:
Make sure that the right users can access Lightning Experience when it’s turned on. You can fine-tune access with permission sets and custom profiles. Meaning you can do a phased rollout, starting with a small pilot group or a specific team of users who can benefit from the new interface. The power is yours.

Turn Lightning on with Migration Assistant:
With the right users set up for Lightning Experience, you’re ready to go live. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn on Lightning Experience using the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.

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