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A committed Management team is key in the implementation of a successful CRM system.

This workshop provides your managers the tools for them to understand the system and their role in the implementation. Your managers will get a grounding in the best practice of using a CRM system and encouraging a team to adopt On-Demand CRM. This workshop will ensure your management team understand how to maximise the return on your investment in CRM.

Your managers will gain an understanding of:
– Reports and Data generated by your CRM
– Promoting and developing the use of CRM in their teams
– Supporting resistant team members
– KPI’s and updated reporting
– Communication “best practice”

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10 Steps to Success With On-Demand CRM

10 Steps to Success with On-Demand CRM

Compiled by our consultants and filled with useful tips and suggestions to get your On-Demand CRM system working more effectively.

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