Arville Textiles


Arville Textiles supply customers who work in some of the most challenging and demanding industries around the world, helping to provide them with bespoke solutions for their technical textile needs. They focus on their customers’ needs for fabrics that perform in demanding applications and strive to deliver a best-in-class approach. It is this approach that has made Arville a success in their industry – they are specialists at what they do. Their in-house laboratory and testing facilities provide them with a first-class level of technical support that is unrivaled in the textiles industry.


Arville wanted to implement a CRM system, specifically Salesforce that would allow them to manage improve account management but also run their Sales process. Before implementation, Arville kept all of their customer data in paper format or on spreadsheets. They needed a way to be able to have a 360 degree view of the customer.

Arville had no real uniformed way of sending out quote and proposal documents. Each Salesperson had their own design. Arville wanted a way to send company standard quotes quickly. These needed to look professional and be quick and be very easy for the Salesperson to create.

Arville wanted to make sure that they could report on Leads and opportunities accurately and have accurate data that could be easily manipulated in a report at the click of a button.

Arville also wanted to have a way that opportunities and products could be amended but the Salesperson in an easy to view format and then automatically sent to Sales and production management for approval. Once approved, they wanted an order record automatically created. This would then eventually feed through to their ERP platform.


Initially, Arville had signed up for professional licenses but have since moved to Enterprise after seeing the capabilities of the platform.

Xenogenix set up the standard Salesforce objects and tailored the lead and opportunity stages based on Arville’s unique Salesforce process. We set up a number of automated tasks and emails to improve productivity and data integrity. We also created multiple record types to cater for the 4 business areas of Arville. This allows them to take detailed information on each sale, but not confuse the end user with hundreds of fields on one page.

In order to create a uniformed bespoke way of sending out quotes, we implemented Conga Composer with a selection of templates specific to each business area. The Salesperson just needs to click a button on the opportunity and the detailed quoted document is generated with minimal effort from the user.

In order to automate orders based on Arville’s requirements, we used Visual Flow to present the Sales user with an easy to use amendment screen and then approval processes to submit the records to be reviewed by management. Another visual flow then automatically creates an order record once approved.

Lastly, we created some example reports and trained the end users on how to create their own, once we had imported the clients legacy data.


Arville now have a much clearer view of their customer base and can easily track the history of each client in one place. The user of record types and custom fields has enabled Arville to document all the information on the products they are selling/producing, whilst making it clear and easy for the end user to input the right information. Validation rules and processes allow for greater data accuracy.

Reporting is now straightforward as all the data they need sits inside the one platform. This will be strengthened with the eventual integration of Sage Live and their Bespoke ERP.

Now, all quotes that are sent out have the same look and feel of the Arville brand. This creates the right impression with prospect clients and has made the Salesperson’s job much easier. No longer do they have to type out lengthy text documents, they just click a button and Salesforce does the rest!

The use of automation with tasks and emails has enabled the end users to stay on top of their potential deals and mean the can build a much stronger pipeline that is easily reportable.


Xenogenix, and in particular our consultant Paul McVitty, were excellent at all stages in this project – smart, responsive, professional, knowledgeable and practical. Their guidance and advice throughout our implementation allowed us to rapidly develop our Salesforce installation in a way to suit our particular business needs. We were astonished about how quickly we were able to progress from an initial scoping meeting to a fully functioning system, bespoked to suit our existing processes. A very smooth experience and thank you.

“Salesforce is a very intuitive product and the Lightning interface is very clear and simple for users and also easy for us to amend so that it is displaying the information we want in the way we want it.  The Salesforce platform is very robust and flexible and to date we have been able to do everything we wanted to as we have grown from using Salesforce as a pure CRM to it becoming our core data storage, manipulation and display platform.”