Credit Call Payment Gateway


Company Overview:

Credit call offers payment gateway (credit card processing) services to public and private sector customers in Europe and the US.


Creditcall were using Sugar CRM to manage the sales process, Mailchimp to run marketing campaigns and Zendesk to run their product support delivery and bug tracking.

It was felt within the business that they were outgrowing the capability of Sugar CRM and also Mailchimp.

The Sugar application was proving slow to load data, poor for reporting and remained administration heavy despite some customization to enhance the usability.

Mailchimp was suitable for one-off email campaigns but they felt it was inadequate based on future plans to deliver journey based marketing collateral.

A decision was made to review other CRM providers in the market to find a more scalability and long term solution to fit their growing needs.


CreditCall needed a Scalable platform that was robust and secure as a top priority. They needed:

  •   The ability to schedule revenue and then automate any updates to the schedule date from the opportunity.
  • Two-Factor Authentication for added security.
  • A platform that could be tailored to fit their sales process.
  • First class reporting capability.
  • Ability to track Solution Statuses, to allow sales staff to sell smarter and allow operations to identify optimal development opportunities for their product team. (custom)

We demonstrated the key requirements during a demo and also recommended they review Pardot to replace their Mailchimp solution.

The client left the demonstration assured that Salesforce could offer a scalable , long terms solution both in terms of customization and Data management.


A challenge with their previous CRM Sugar was low adoption and a general feeling that the platform did not fit around their business. They now have complete adoption of Salesforce and it is used religiously by all team members and managers.

The Director or Product Solutions, Pete Alcock is truly impressed by the reporting capability and can now provide shareholders with KPI and insight reports never before available.

We have since provided Credit Call with further customizations that have solidified the buy-in of the Sales team with users and managers singing the praises of the platform.