Deployment of for the Newspaper Marketing Association


The Newspaper Marketing Agency was set up in 2003 with the remit to make advertisers, agencies and media planners aware of the potential that National Newspapers have to influence customers.

The NMA runs a large number of marketing campaigns each year, using Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Events and Case Studies.  Contact information was held in a custom built database that was created some time ago. However, the current solution no longer met the needs of the business, being slow and with limited reporting capability NMA also required better feedback on campaign performance and metrics.


Starting with the standard application, Xenogenix created a custom Campaign management system that is tailored to NMA’s needs.
The ExactTarget email marketing solution was integrated from the Appexchange.
The implementation includes a custom Adverts tab and object that lets NMA keep a visual record of all Adverts that have been nominated for awards.
A number of campaign templates have been set up to standardise the way these are managed.
Xenogenix also provide an ongoing Optimisation and Support service which was a specific requirement


  • Custom reports deliver information in a few clicks that used to take hours to produce.
  • For the first time there is a clear view of the performance of the various marketing campaigns.
  • Using ExactTarget has dramatically reduced the time taken to execute email campaigns.
  • The on demand nature of has eliminated the need to involve IT resources.
  • NMA wanted to move fast and the whole project was completed in just five weeks, including discovery, proposal,  design, implementation, training and Go Live.