Energy Automation, Fidelity Energy

Company Overview:

Fidelity Energy are a thriving B2B energy procurement company who service end user gas and electricity needs through their extensive partner network. Fidelity interfaces between their partner network and major energy suppliers to measure and monitor energy trends and pricing, then deliver this value to the end user.



  • Reporting is key to the business success, a platform that was customizable to their business processes had to be implemented.
  • Needed a platform that could cope with large volumes of data, then make sense of it all.
  • Needed to closely measure increases/decreases in energy costs for new and existing contracts

Sales Automation

  • Automation was key to running such as high volume sales and operational process. Fidelity had a network of partners and suppliers that needed to be managed and notified throughout any sales processes.
  • Cutting down on administrative tasks to free up time for more productive tasks essential.


  • Xenogenix have worked with Fidelity to create a platform that reduces administrative tasks allowing their users to focus on servicing partners and suppliers by focusing on relationships and providing insight into the energy market easily and quickly.
  • The solution provides a platform that essentially manages the financial side of their business with very little human intervention allowing partners to receive self invoices and commission statements monthly automatically.
  • We have built a highly customised platform for Fidelity that allows them to capture all of the key data about contracts, energy usage, inbound and outbound payments and then monitor their profitability and cashflow with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Fidelity have a clear picture of how their business is growing and the changes they need to make to ensure success.
  • Fidelity can understand profitability of contracts and monitor cash flow.
  • Fidelity can easily manage relationships and have full customer visibility on one to one interactions.
  • Administration activity has been greatly reduced leading to higher productivity.