Exa Networks

A Complete Internet & Telecoms Business Transformation in the Cloud

Company Overview: 
Exa Networks is an ISPs delivering bespoke Internet services to thousands of schools and businesses across the UK, often significantly cutting costs while improving performance across the board. Specific products include VoIP, Fibre and Hardware. Exa Networks also run Exa Foundation a not-for-profit organisation designed to support Computing for schools and learners, running events across the country.

Exa Networks decided they needed to shift their organisation focus onto their core business Sales and Delivery as too much time was being wasted on internal systems. Processes were incomplete and disjointed and there was a lack of scalability in the current system. Reporting was also a challenge with every report generated by code manually and data was difficult to interrogate.

Recurring Billing Engine (Apex/Sage/CPQ)
Invoicing & Financial Reporting Capability (Sage)
Streamlined Quoting – Under 10 Mins Enquiry to Quote (CPQ)
Clear Sales Processes/Pricing for Direct and VAR/Reseller Business. Electronic Signature (Sales Cloud/CPQ/Docusign)
Order Provisioning (Service Cloud / Cases)
Service to see everything sold by sales in one place (Service Cloud / Assets)
Partner Portal for Subscriptions/Services management, quote requests and Knowledge (Community Cloud/Knowledge)
Customer Journeys / Marketing Automation (Pardot)
Business Process analysis tools for ISO compliance (Q9 Elements)

The key delivery for this project is 100% of employees are using the system and the whole business has moved onto Salesforce. Sales Management target was to get from enquiry to quote in 10 minutes – this can now be done in 6 minutes. They are also finding improved SLA’s on provisioning of services. Reporting has been completely changed with data available when it is needed.