Maleon adopt Salesforce


Company Overview:

Maleon is a successful firm of consulting engineers specialising in innovative design and management solutions for modern building services. Their heritage is based upon provision of services predominantly for FTSE & NASDAQ listed Clients.


Maleon were using a Contact Management module bolt on to their legacy Project Management system as well as Outlook & Excel to manage prospect and customer management processes. This posed a number of notable challenges, such as:

  1. No ability to track marketing campaigns and measure return-on-investment
  2. No simple means of engaging with and marketing to prospects, customers and partners
  3. No real time visibility into sales pipeline
  4. Lack of actionable intelligence to make better decisions and lack of consistency of management information and approach to dealing with it
  5. No shared view of the Customer with knowledge residing in people’s heads
  6. No ability to segment data for sales and marketing purposes
  7. No shared understanding of competitive landscape to improve win rates


Maleon chose Salesforce to become a more customer centric organization and respond to the needs of their prospects and customers in a more timely and targeted manner. The core solution focused on:

  1. Implementation of Campaigns to track campaigns and measure effectiveness
  2. Integration between Campaigns & MailChimp
  3. Opportunity Pipeline reporting and dashboards in line with Maleon’s Opportunity to Sale process
  4. Executive Dashboard scheduling surfacing KPI information together with native activity management
  5. Legacy databases consolidated and migrated to one view of the truth
  6. List views, reports and dashboards for granular segmentation
  7. Client, partner, supplier and competitor management. Win and Loss reporting to learn from successes and areas for improvement.


Beyond driving efficiencies and effectiveness gains in the sales and marketing processes, the implementation has influenced a new culture of CRM across the business. Key benefits include:

  • Efficiencies in Lead, Opportunity & Account Management processes
  • Ability to track a growing accurate pipeline
  • Ability to measure ROI of marketing campaigns and engage in more relevant and targeted ways
  • Ability to track the success of new product launches
  • Seamless link with Job Management System
  • Better decision making capability from management reports and dashboards
  • Improved intelligence on competitors and win/loss reporting
  • Reduction of internal email
  • Reduction of use and reliance of non scalable spreadsheets