RPB Limited

Salesforce Sales, Community and Mobile App Implementation

RPB are a leading petrochemical brokerage dealing with the largest players in the Oil Industry. RPB offers a trusted brokering service with a presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Founded in 2005, their business has grown from handling aromatic and related streams to include LPGs, olefins
and a wide range of gasoline and fuel oil components.

RPB faced challenges from emerging competition in a market they have been the forefront of for many years. The company felt they needed to do something innovative. They had efficiency issues due to a knowledge silo as internal staff where unable to navigate a custom built excel database. The company also suffered issues whereby absence of key members meant the company often ground to a halt until the key administrator was available.

RPB felt that a Mobile App solution would allow them to have unlimited touch points with their customers. The desire to offer push notifications when customer bids & offers on markets where placed would make this possible. Xenogenix used Salesforce as the container for the mobile app and used Mobile Publisher to deliver a branded app to their customers.

In order to bridge the knowledge silo gap we needed to address the back office and front office processes. We mapped the ‘Deal’ process with RPB and developed the capability to allow brokers to capture ‘Deal’ data in Salesforce and generate/send contracts to customers. This functionality was developed with all staff in mind to ensure that the process was concise and allowed all users to take part and remove the Silo completely.

The back office practices of Billing customers was also moved to Salesforce. We have built a custom
automated process that takes a ‘Deal’ right through to a Sales Invoice Transaction. Finance can then Invoice customers from within the CRM platform.