Wildgoose Events Ltd


Company Overview:

Wildgoose Events Ltd are a leading Events company specializing in tablet and smart phone based challenges. Their product is extremely versatile and can be applied to B2B & B2C markets. They have corporate clients such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds. The company has grown 30% year on year since inception and has a strong International Licensing Channel. They have offices in the UK (Hemel Hempstead) and the USA (New York).


Wildgoose had an existing custom CRM built within Microsoft Excel. The custom CRM posed great challenges around data extraction, data integrity and data visibility. They found that with continued growth in their sector, a way to manage the event delivery process and provide key users with a better customer story was a must.

It was clear that the custom Excel based CRM was not delivering the entire picture, Offered little scalability and increased admin for users.

Wildgoose realized that they needed:

  • A CRM that was scalable with their level of growth.
  • A way to segment existing data to effectively market and re-target existing customers.
  • Control/Commonality in their event delivery process.
  • Automated Processes to reduce Administration.
  • Greater visibility into sales and event team activity and acceptance of accountability.

An additional challenge for Wildgoose was the length of their quote to order turnaround and the administration involved in chasing clients for signed documents which were printed, signed and returned via Fax or Scanned Email.


To ensure a scalable solution was selected Xenogenix recommended Salesforce CRM with enterprise edition licenses to meet future and current integrations and automation requirements. This edition would provide them with the functionality needed to develop and deploy solutions to combat any identified weak spots within their process far into the future.

To provide Commonality within the events process a customized Cases object “Client Events” and a number of agreed automated tasks were configured. This provided visibility to users on daily tasks and is a core basis for KPI’s for the Event Team and Sales Team.

Events had to be provisionally created at a certain sales stage (Prior to Close) to provide visibility for planning of events. A trigger was used to reduce redundant data entry for users. This allowed Operations to plan and manage Events ahead of time.

We also needed to address the data Wildgoose had built up over their years of trading and make it a new source of income. Using legacy data from the previous Excel Database and the reporting capability of Salesforce Wildgoose were now able to easily target existing clients and identify Opportunities they had previously overlooked or simply had no access to.


The Implementation of Salesforce has changed the face of Wildgoose and provided them with a solid platform for continued scalability. It is now a key consideration for all business growth plans.

The reporting capability has allowed them to make real time decisions based on facts and figures which maries well with their fast paced growth within their sector.

Wildgoose enjoys higher accountability within their staff due to visibility and can comfortably delegate responsibility based on KPI’s and User driven data.

Segmenting their client list has never been easier or more targeted due to the customizations to the CRM. Their data is focused, plentiful and above all useful and attainable.

The management of opportunities and projects has been aligned with their business needs leading to reduced administration and delivers a stable blueprint to build upon and improve.

Visit the Wildgoose Website here.