Integration of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Xenogenix work with our partner Rapidi and their product RapidiOnline to integrate your Salesforce CRM with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX, GP, NAV, 365 Business Central and 365 for Finance & Operations) system quickly and easily. There is no need for any programming, no business disruption to manage and your staff will be up and running on the platform in a matter of days.

This comprehensive integration makes sure that everything you need to know about a customer is in one place, whenever you need it. Giving you the data you need build relationships, nurture leads and make doing business simpler and smarter.

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP work brilliantly as separate systems. But they work even better together.

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What can Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Salesforce Achieve?

If you don’t have an automated integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX, GP, NAV, 365 Business Central and 365 for Finance & Operations), you’re almost certainly carrying out unnecessary manual integrations and double data entries. Your staff will be looking things up in both systems and transferring data between the two, increasing the risks of mistakes.

Integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP can:

Save you Time
– No more using two systems
– No need to copy data from one system to another
– Reduce risk of mistakes

Increase Sales Opportunities
– Spot opportunities and chase down leads easily
– All data you hold about each customer in one place, with instant access
– Your sales team can see order history, so they’ll be able to contact customers at just the right time
– Your operations people will be able to make sure they have the right stock in when they need it
– Get to know your customers, anticipate their needs and build long-term relationships

Help your Business Grow
– Always work from reliable, meaningful data
– Teams are working from the same place, relying on the same data

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If you’re considering integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dyanmics ERP, custom development or you just want more information, we’re happy to answer all your questions and get you set up. Simply fill out the form, or for immediate assistance, call us on 08456 525 625

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