Monthly Partner Focus – Cloud Coach

Partner Focus – Cloud Coach

Here at Xenogenix we have established a number of strategic partnerships with leading solution providers who add value and enhance our own service offerings. These alliances ensure we can better support our clients to extend their Salesforce solution and gain a greater return from their investment.

Cloud Coach is our strategic partner of the month for August. Cloud Coach’s professional services automation for Salesforce gives you a skills based resourcing engine to help you manage your team regardless of its size. By using Cloud Coach you’ll increase the efficiency of how projects are planned, budgeted, created, staffed, scheduled and implemented.



Key features of Cloud Coach:

Cloud Coach provides enterprise-level portfolio project management tools that allow you to ensure you’re working on the projects that have the most value to your strategic business goals while increasing accountability.

Prioritise the most important projects
Make the most of your limited time and financial resources by prioritising the investments that have the biggest impact on your business. Capture and process requests from the organisation using our scoring system to identify and execute the most valuable projects.

Easily implement best practices
Cloud Coach makes it easy to implement your best practices in project planning, whether you use waterfall or agile project management techniques. With advanced resourcing tools and risk and issue tracking, you can ensure you have a complete plan to execute.

Track time and manage team effort
Projects are done by people – not software. Cloud Coach gives your teams the tools they need to review and prioritise assignments and collaborate on tasks and documentation. The included time tracking tools allow you to measure your team’s effort on project execution.

Detailed reporting makes it easy
Access and analyse the data you collect throughout your projects with advanced reporting tools and visual dashboards. Report on individual project or resource performance, or across your entire portfolio. Dive into the details anytime – day or night.

Save time and ensure compliance
Cloud Coach delivers you greater business value than comparable tools by allowing you to standardize best practices throughout the delivery lifecycle. For example, when specific criteria are met, you can trigger actions and workflows including project creation, meeting creation, and notifications.

We really like that there are 4 tiers so that you can find the right tool for your needs.

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