Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Preview

The 55th Salesforce release, Spring ’18 is soon to be launched and a host of great new features across the Salesforce platform will soon be available for users. The release includes exciting enhancements to the Lightning Platform and innovative breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), among other features. Here are our favourites:


Show Your True Colours with Themes in Lightning Experience

Salesforce comes as a software that you can customise to your company, now there is even more that you can do with a Salesforce’s own build in brand images and colours, and you customise your own with few clocks within Salesforce. Companies have 7 built in themes available in Salesforce, or they can create up to 300 themes of their own.

LinkedIn integration

You could use LinkedIn previously, it would be helpful for Inside Sales, while prospecting for new opportunities and gain additional information on their targets and for Business Development, prior to going into a new prospect or gaining further current insights into customers/clients. Now Salesforce have added another level to LinkedIn, now they have automated the contacts that come into Salesforce by providing a LinkedIn Form for prospects to fill in and those details are added within Salesforce as Leads for Inside Sales team to target.

Forecasting using Einstein

Manually going through Salesforce and seeing which opportunities are likely to close can be very manual and take a while, Salesforce have introduced Einstein intelligent predictions for forecasting. Artificial Intelligence has evolved at Salesforce due to their partnership with IBM, this has led to an innovation in the way that companies can streamline forecasts, with more certainty and more accuracy.

Gather Feedback with Salesforce Surveys (Generally Available)

Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Simply Survey and loads more, these have been the tools for companies to gain insights into industry, employees, and experiences. Now Salesforce have integrated surveys into the Salesforce platform.

Sales Console: Pinned Regions, Quick Text, Macros, and More

For companies utilising the Console, for support cases and addressing certain customer needs. Salesforce have made some improvements such as pin page regions, quick text options, and extend the power of the macros.

Unknown Emails

Received an email from an unknown source or someone who has not been logged in Salesforce? Now with this latest update, you can add contacts directly from Outlook into Salesforce as a Lead or a Person Account (if person account has been set up). This is a great way to improve user adoption by enabling this functionality via Outlook


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