A pick of features from Salesforce Summer 18

You may have noticed your org has recently updated to the latest Salesforce release – Summer ’18, if not, it will very soon. You will now see the bear taking a swim!

With pages of release notes we asked our consultants for a quick guide of useful features from this new release. 6 of the best are outlined here:



Encourage Users to Adopt Lightning Experience

You have a new way to amp up adoption without any additional setup. Users who have access to Lightning Experience are automatically switched from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience on a weekly basis. To ensure that users have the best onboarding experience, they see getting-started resources when they’re switched.


Get Insight into User Activities with the Lightning Usage App

Track adoption and usage of Lightning Experience. The Lightning Usage App includes charts for daily and monthly active users, number of users switching to Salesforce Classic, and more. These quantifiable measures help you understand your users’ experience and optimize your resources for training and other support.

Search the Object You Want Easily from Anywhere

When you want to search an object, cut the clutter, and see results only for what you’re searching for, from anywhere in the app. Choose any searchable object in the dropdown list next to the global search box. Enter your search term, and both instant results and full search results are limited to that object.

Save Time with Standard Synonym Groups

Synonym groups save users time by taking the guesswork out of entering the right search term. (Is it a hard hat, helmet, or brain bucket?) Now, Salesforce saves you time with standard synonym groups containing commonly associated terms, like file and document, or password and credentials. Standard synonyms are available for Salesforce Knowledge objects in all orgs.

Personalize the Navigation Bar in Less Time

We’ve made it easier for users to personalize their navigation in Lightning apps. Your users can get back to work in no time with an enhanced user interface. Or, users can simply drag items around the navigation bar to where they want them to quickly adjust the order.

See Field Dependencies While Editing a Record Details Page

It’s now easy to view and update all dependent and controlling fields when editing a picklist or checkbox on a Record Details page.

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