Xenogenix Blog – Benefits of using a Salesforce Managed Service

At Xenogenix we’ve been supporting our customers with their Salesforce projects since 2008. It is our experience that no matter how well planned and executed a Salesforce implementation is, the resulting solution will need to adapt to support changing user needs and enable business growth. Users will identify improvements and additional requirements once they start using the new system. They will also need support and advice on how best to use the system and in some cases a more comprehensive ongoing development service will be required.

Many businesses cannot justify full time internal resources to maintain the system and skilled resources are difficult to recruit and retain. So we offer a Managed Service which is a proactive service focused on maximising your investment in the Salesforce platform in addition to resolving day to day issues and maintaining the existing Salesforce instance.

So, what are the benefits of using a Managed Service to maintain your Salesforce solution?

No Need for an Internal Admin

A managed service eliminates the cost and effort involved in employing an internal administrator. A good partner will ensure your org is documented so if you end your contract, you will have the information you need to continue to manage your org seamlessly. It will mean your org is always properly managed by fully trained professionals and your system is always maintained to the highest standard.  And if you already have an internal admin, and they decide to leave, our team can be up and running in a matter of hours, limiting the impact of this change.

Increase your Return on Investment

Using a Managed Service, consultants will support you to identify the areas in which your business can get the most from the platform and ensure you get the best possible outcome from your investment. 

Reduce risk when making changes to your org

As part of a managed service consultants will use tools which allow them to analyse your Salesforce environment to identify issues and mitigate any risk. It maps out the structure of your Salesforce org so potential errors are identified in the build and foresee any potential issues while implementing new features into your org.

Access to a whole team of experts

Using a managed service means you don’t need to try and find this expertise in house, you don’t need someone to take the time out from their day job to try and learn how to improve Salesforce. You can have access to a team of individuals who have years of experience with Salesforce and have the tools and processes needed to optimise Salesforce.

Future Proof your investment in Salesforce

A managed service, we guide you through the Salesforce feature releases and developments ensuring you keep up with the technology. It will be able to identify which features will make the biggest and best impact on your business. It will make sure your investment is always up to date and you are benefitting from advances in tech.

In addition, any changes needed as your business expands and grows will be translated into your  Salesforce so that expands and grows along with you. You won’t be held back by the technology not growing with your business. 

We have created a whitepaper which gives you more information on the benefits of using a managed service. Fill in the form and we will send it to you: